Protecting Eyes with a new Global Safety Policy

September 27, 2022: In Q3 of 2022, Founder Sport Group launched a new global safety policy to protect against the hazard of needle projectiles. All team members whose activities require them to be in close contact with an energized needle (including operating a machine or working on a machine) are now required to wear Safety Glasses. This PPE requirement supplements the existing requirement for safety eye shields to be installed on all machines, which protect against projectile hazards. The company provides impact-resistant Safety Glasses for all team members globally, as well as Over-the-Glass glasses or side protectors for employees who wear prescription glasses.

Why the new policy? Thankfully, we’ve never had a serious injury at any of our sites due to broken needles or other projectiles. However, we have had a few close calls, including one injury this year where a piece of needle flew up and hit an employee’s lower eyelid. By analyzing and learning from these near misses, we determined that the added protection of Safety Glasses could significantly reduce the likelihood of an employee sustaining a serious eye injury.

At each of our global locations, our safety leadership teams have done a great job in educating team members about the potential hazard and implementing this new policy, which is a safety best practice in our industry.