Corporate Social Responsibility

At Founder Sport Group, we believe in the power of team sports. We believe in the lessons sports teach—how championships are won on the practice field, how to win with grace and learn from setbacks, and how working together, focused on the same goals, we can achieve the extraordinary—on the field and off. Corporate social responsibility / sustainability is a team sport at Founder Sport Group. Learn more about our impact and activities.

Health, Safety, and Wellbeing

The health, safety, and wellbeing of our team members is the number one priority of our global operations team. As a manufacturer with over 4,000 team members globally, we take seriously our responsibility to provide a safe and healthy workplace, and an environment of respect where every team member is encouraged to speak up about safety.

Social Compliance

Our commitment to responsible manufacturing and sourcing is built on a foundation of respect for human rights and international labor standards, as outlined in our Founder Sport Group Code of Conduct, and Social Compliance policies and procedures. Learn more.

Statement on the XUAR

Environmental Responsibility

Our relentless focus on innovation supports our Lifetime Performance Guarantee™ and our commitment to ensuring that our performance gear is built to last. By making products that perform and last longer, we strive to minimize waste and lighten our environmental footprint. We’ve also made a long-standing commitment to keep harmful chemicals out of our products. We prefer, and encourage, our suppliers to obtain independent certifications such as Oeko-Tex® or bluesign®. We also continue to expand our use of the Higg Index in our owned facilities and supply chain.

Making a Difference

From supporting youth sports, to responsibly manufacturing and sourcing our products, we strive to make a positive difference in both our local communities and our global operations.  Read our latest Year in Review to learn more about our impact and activities.