At Founder Sport Group, we believe in the power of team sports.  We believe in the lessons sports teach—how championships are won on the practice field, how to win with grace and learn from setbacks, and how working together, focused on the same goals, we can achieve the extraordinary—on the field and off.  From supporting youth sports to responsibly sourcing our products, we strive to make a positive difference in both our local communities and our global operations. 

Founder Sport Group believes quality performance gear should be available to everyone who wants to perform at their peak.  We partner with organizations to deliver this vision, such as the 2017-2019 USA Football Grant Program, Through our corporate giving program, we have also donated apparel to charitable organizations such as Orphan Grain Train.


                                                                                                        Photo Credit" Orphan Grain Train

For us, corporate social responsibility extends beyond our philanthropic initiatives. Our focus on innovation supports our Lifetime Performance Guarantee™ and our commitment to ensuring that our performance gear is built to last. By making products that perform and last longer, we strive to minimize waste and lighten our environmental footprint. Social responsibility also includes protecting our consumers and the environment, which is why we’ve made a long-standing commitment to keep harmful chemicals out of our products. We prefer, and encourage, our suppliers to obtain independent certifications such as Oeko-Tex® or bluesign®

At Founder Sport Group, we're committed to embedding corporate social responsibility into our business operations. Here’s more of what we’re doing to achieve positive impacts for people and the environment throughout our supply chain:

Workplace safety is a right and a responsibility. This is made clear in our Founder Sport Group Workplace Safety policy, through which employees are aware of their right to a safe workplace and understand their involvement in keeping the workplace safe. Our safety culture is a team effort where all employees have a shared responsibility for a safe and healthy working environment, which includes identifying hazards and unsafe work practices and evaluating our efforts to achieve an injury and accident-free workplace. We strive to maintain occupational safety and health standards that equal or exceed best practices in the industry and extend our safety culture throughout our supply chain.

Safety in Action

Responsible manufacturing and sourcing is built on a foundation of respect for the people who make our products. At Founder Sport Group, we’re focused on implementing a best-in-class Social Compliance program guided by internationally recognized labor and human rights standards as well as industry best practices. The cornerstone for our Social Compliance program is our Founder Sport Group Code of Conduct, which we manage through internal and supplier education, risk assessments (including unannounced factory inspections), strong partnerships with our suppliers, collaboration, and promoting best practices in our supply chain.

Social Compliance in Action