Safety in Action

Our global safety program at Founder Sport Group is comprised of the following elements:

  • Management leadership
  • Employee participation
  • Safety and Health training
  • Hazard anticipation and detection
  • Hazard prevention and control
  • Planning and evaluation
  • Administration and supervision

Involving employees and management in joint decision-making and collaborative processes to advance workplace safety is an important component of our program. Examples of good practices include establishing effective health & safety committees and involving employees in safety education.

Example: Health & Safety Committees with worker and management participation

At our Athletic Sewing facility in Mexico, a joint Health & Safety Committee is comprised of both management and union representatives. The committee is responsible for creating and maintaining a culture of safety in the facility, which they carry out through identifying and controlling risks, conducting safety inspections of the workplace and establishing action plans. Each of the committee members have been provided training in occupational health and safety standards, in order to effectively carry out their responsibilities. The names and photos of committee members and results of their safety inspections are posted on the facility notice board so that all employees are made aware of the committee’s activities.


Athletic Sewing’s Health & Safety Committee and FSG’s Director of Corporate Social Responsibility gather prior to conducting a safety inspection.



Example: Involving employees in Safety Education

At our Tide Manufacturing facility in Nicaragua, one of the responsibilities of the Health & Safety Committee is to create monthly safety awareness bulletin boards on different health and safety topics. This task is performed by a subcommittee of the central Health & Safety Committee. The Committee’s activities rotate on a monthly basis so that each committee member has the opportunity to participate in both inspections and safety education.

Health and Safety Committee members design and develop safety awareness bulletin boards for the facility.

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